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Tennis betting

tennis betting

As in any other sport, statistics are very important piece of information tenjis can tenjis you when placing your tennis bets. Check out the live sports betting page today and jump into the action! OddsTrader helps you keep up with the latest ATP odds. tennis betting

Tennis betting -

ITF Women - ITF Malaysia 01A, Women Singles 1. ITF Women - ITF Thailand 05A, Women Singles 1. ITF Women - ITF India 06A, Women Singles 1. ITF Women - ITF Turkey 08A, Women Singles 1. ITF Women - ITF Egypt 05A, Women Singles 1.

ITF Women - ITF Tunisia 09A, Women Singles 1. ITF Women - ITF Spain 03A, Women Singles 1. ITF Women - ITF Slovakia 01A, Women Singles 1.

ITF Women - ITF France 08A, Women Singles 1. Exhibition - Exhibition Games 1. Bet Slip Open bets. Bet Slip is Empty. Tennis betting is a growing market with lots of enticing betting odds available.

Get in on the action with our expert tips. Tennis betting is a growing market worldwide, with sportsbooks increasingly offering more odds and betting options — including live betting. With the U. With plenty of tennis info and stats readily available, you can make some cash on the courts with the right handicapping strategy and the following tennis betting tips.

The playing surface is the No. Few players are at their best on all types of surfaces. For example, Wimbledon has a grass surface that favors serve-and-volley players with big serves. On the other hand, Roland-Garros is a clay surface, which gives an advantage to baseline players while slowing down big serves.

Knowing how clay and grass playing surfaces impact odds is an important starting point. The mental aspect of the game is a crucial component to betting on tennis, and situational edges can be massive.

Be alert for letdowns following a major upset or extremely satisfying victory. Keep in mind that some of the higher-ranked players won't be quite as motivated as their lower-ranked opponents when competing in smaller tournaments.

Scheduling is also essential, and players who come through qualifying will be more warmed up than opponents who gained automatic entry and have yet to play.

Then again, fatigue both physical and mental can take its toll as well. Tennis is a one-on-one sport which means playing styles are more critical to matchups. Every player has different strengths and weaknesses, and head-to-head history can reveal some interesting trends.

While recent wins and losses are still a factor to consider, tennis bettors also need to be aware of the game styles of each player. Tennis is a grueling sport with constant movement and few stoppages in play, which means that players need to be at their best in terms of fitness.

Be aware of which factors can make fitness more critical, such as weather hotter weather is more draining , length of the match Grand Slam tournaments being best-of-five sets instead of best-of-three , as well as injuries and time off between tournaments for individual players.

Knowing which players are in peak physical conditioning can also help when handicapping tennis live betting because their opponent might start matches strong while the more fit player takes over down the stretch. The most popular way to bet on tennis is by betting on the moneyline, simply choosing the outright winner of a match.

Like the point spread in basketball or football, oddsmakers will set handicaps on both sets and games to level the playing field.

In the following example of a game spread, Novak Djokovic is set at If Medvedev wins the match or loses by four or fewer games, he would cover the spread. Set spreads in tennis are placed at In the following example, if you bet on Djokovic at If Medvedev wins a set, you will lose.

Keep in mind that tennis matches will be either a best-of-three or best-of-five sets. A player must win six games by a margin of two games to win a set, and if the set is tied at , a seventh tie-breaking game is played.

Futures odds are one of the most popular ways to bet on tennis and involve simply betting on which player will outright win a particular tournament, such as the odds to win the U. Every player is assigned a price according to their chances of winning.

In the following example of futures odds, Ashleigh Barty and Naomi Osaka are the two favorites to win the U.

Their preparation is always around the slams in order to be at their best when the time comes. Another advantage of Grand Slam events for favorites is the fact that is played in best of five sets.

This is a positive point for favorites since they have more time to turnaround things in case of a slow start. One of our favorite is the set handicap, especially the For those looking for a higher payout, you can take a higher risky market such as the These are also two very good alternatives to bet on favorite players in Grand Slams.

Nevertheless, these can be a good option in early rounds of slams in matches that involve players in the Top 10 or even Top In the previous tennis betting strategy, we saw how betting on favorites can be a good approach in Grand Slam events.

However, is it also a good strategy to back those players on lower-level tournaments? As you probably know, the tennis calendar has tournaments from different categories. Besides Grand Slams, you also have Masters , ATP and ATP At lower levels you even have Challengers and ITFs, but for this strategy we are focusing on the ATP events.

Many times, you see high ranked players or big names of the game competing in ATP events. Even though these tournaments still give some points and prize money, they are far from being the priority for the best players in the world.

Most of the times they just compete on these events due to an attractive appearance fee and are not really interested in the tournament. This means that you might have high ranked players with low motivation, playing a tournament where they will probably be the main favorite.

This means that betting against them, either to lose the match or some sort of handicap is usually a good approach. The matches are usually much closer than the bookies predict, giving you great value on the underdogs. Previously on this article we spoke about how important is Atlanta for Isner, an ATP event that he considers his favorite.

This is not a typical case, but it can happen, and you should be aware of that. If a top player is playing a home tournament is also something that you should be careful about, especially if that is the only tournament in their home country.

Casper Ruud is currently one of the best players in the world and if there would be an ATP in Norway for sure he would be motivated to play it. The last thing you should also look for is if the player is returning from injury or trying to get back to best form. A recent example is Dominic Thiem, who is yet to find his best form after a long absence due to injury.

That said, always be very careful when betting on lower-level tennis tournaments. As in any other sport, statistics are very important piece of information that can help you when placing your tennis bets. However, we want to make clear that making bets purely based on statistics is a mistake, as you also need to analyze specific aspects of each match.

The last thing you want is building a theory for your bet based on a statistic that has no relevance for the match. When we analyze a match, a statistic that we consider relevant is the service numbers of a player in that week.

The serve is the only shot in the game where there is no interference from the opponent, as you are hitting it to start the point. That said, hitting good service numbers is all about rhythm and confidence. If you are looking to place a bet on a player known for his serve, looking at his numbers in that week is a great indicator.

Nevertheless, you should also look into external factors such as wind, as this can affect the serve motion and disrupt the server. There are plenty of variables that can affect a tennis match, which makes it impossible to reduce an analysis to just statistics.

One of the most challenging things in tennis for a player is changing surface. Many times players have very little time to adjust to a new surface, competing on different surfaces in consecutive weeks.

If you are betting on clay in a player who competed on grass in the previous week, the likelihood that he will struggle with the conditions is very high. Even if he is used to play on clay all his life, these changes are never easy and at a professional level every detail count.

Before placing your bets, try to understand in which conditions the player competed the previous week and until when was he there. For example, a player who played in a different surface the previous week but lost in the first round is not the same as one who reached the final.

All these details are important when analyzing your bets. That said, the best strategy is to understand always where the player was before and how long he had to adjust to the conditions before making your tennis bets.

Every event is played in different conditions and no tournament is the same. There are plenty of factors that can affect a tennis match and you should be aware of that.

As mentioned before, playing in altitude is a good example as the game conditions are completely different. If you are betting on a tournament in altitude, then you need to be very aware of what changes when playing in such conditions.

Other variables such temperature or humidity also have an impact on the game and can never be underestimated. They change the way the ball bounces and moves through the air, making things very different for the players.

Finally, we also want to highlight another aspect that you should consider when placing your bets, which is the court where the match will be played. Even though all matches of a tournament are played in the same complex, the conditions can be different from court to court.

That said, a strategy that you should use when placing your bets is understanding if there are differences between the courts and always look for the schedule of play. In most sports playing at home is an advantage and the same generally applies to tennis. Most of the players enjoy the support of the crowd and produce their best tennis.

However, there are certain players who always struggled with the pressure of playing at home and were never able to meet expectations.

One example is the former US Open champion Sam Stosur, who only won Other aspect that you should analyze is the schedule of play and if the tournament has a history of high attendance. As you probably know, tennis tournaments take place from Monday to Sunday, with most matches being played during the day.

This means that some tournaments are almost empty during the week as most of the people are working. All these variables should be considered when making your tennis betting strategies and will increase your chances of winning more bets in the long-run.

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