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bpo slots

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Bpo slots -

It can clearly be seen that the fewer materials you require to build an item, the more profitable selling your item is likely to be. You can also find blueprints ingame through contracts. The current ME level of a blueprint can be seen by looking at the info on a blueprint, or by opening the Industry window and browsing your blueprints.

Though blueprint copies with higher ME can be received as a reward from COSMOS missions. Materials will always round up to the next whole number, so you will never need It is important to note that material rounding happens after you have multiplied by the number of runs.

Here's an example, the Scourge Rocket BPO. Because minerals round up, if you only did a single run to build a single batch of rockets, the amount of materials required would not actually change.

However, if you did runs to build batches of rockets because material rounding occurs after you multiply by the number of runs, you would need Tritanium and Pyerite to build rocket batches.

However, no required materials can be reduced to less than one per run. This is most obvious in T2 ship manufacturing where you will always need one T1 hull for one T2 product even with high ME and multiple runs.

For example, you will always need 10 Rifters to build 10 Jaguars , never 9, even if your Jaguar blueprint is fully researched. Time Efficiency TE research reduces the amount of time required to manufacture the item from the blueprint. It can be seen that the faster you can build an item, and thus re-use your production slots for more items, the more profitable your business is likely to be.

The current TE level of a blueprint can be seen by looking at the info on a blueprint, or by opening the Industry window and browsing your blueprints. ME and TE research both take the same time to perform. The duration depends on the rank of the blueprint and the current research level.

Note that ME and TE levels and research duration are counted separately. So improving the ME level will not have any effect on how long TE research will take.

All BPOs have a Rank not visible in-game which determines how long they take to research. Rank 1 blueprint is the "baseline" blueprint. The table below shows the research times needed for a baseline blueprint. Research times for blueprints of higher rank are simply base duration multiplied by the blueprint rank.

The table below shows the blueprint ranks for various blueprint groups. Note that while T2 categories are listed below for completeness, T2 BPO's are no longer obtainable and T2 BPC's cannot be researched.

In general, the bigger or more expensive a thing is, the higher rank its BPO is, and the longer it takes to research. where Process Time Value is a number derived from the material cost of producing the item, blueprint rank and blueprint research level ME and TE handled separately and the system cost index is a number derived from the amount of work done in that system.

where the base duration n is the job duration of researching a rank 1 blueprint to level n in seconds as listed in the above table for base research times. In case where you are researching an unresearched blueprint to level n the process time value is slightly simpler.

Copying a blueprint original produces a number of blueprint copies with a specific number of runs. For example, in the image below we have chosen a Blackbird BPO, requested 5 runs, and each resulting copy would have 10 runs.

The final output would produce 5 BPCs with 10 runs each, from which you could build 50 total Blackbirds. Once you have used up all the runs on a BPC, it is destroyed you simply won't get it back after the last manufacturing run.

You cannot research BPCs, so make sure your BPO is researched to the ME and TE levels you require before you copy it. Different BPCs have a different maximum number of runs you can set.

Ship BPCs for example can only be given 10 runs, whereas most modules and ammunition can have up to runs. Facebook and Twitter will have the most up to date information regarding the status of our website.

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Bpo slots -

Structural pattern matching has been added in the form of a match statement and case statements of patterns with associated actions. Patterns consist of sequences, mappings, primitive data types as well as class instances. Pattern matching enables programs to extract information from complex data types, branch on the structure of data, and apply specific actions based on different forms of data.

A match statement takes an expression and compares its value to successive patterns given as one or more case blocks. Specifically, pattern matching operates by:. using data with type and shape the subject. evaluating the subject in the match statement. comparing the subject with each pattern in a case statement from top to bottom until a match is confirmed.

If an exact match is not confirmed and a wildcard case does not exist, the entire match block is a no-op. Readers may be aware of pattern matching through the simple example of matching a subject data object to a literal pattern with the switch statement found in C, Java or JavaScript and many other languages.

More powerful examples of pattern matching can be found in languages such as Scala and Elixir. In the example below, status is the subject of the match statement. The patterns are each of the case statements, where literals represent request status codes.

The associated action to the case is executed after a match:. If no match exists, the behavior is a no-op. For example, if status of is passed, a no-op occurs. Patterns can look like unpacking assignments, and a pattern may be used to bind variables. In this example, a data point can be unpacked to its x-coordinate and y-coordinate:.

The first pattern has two literals, 0, 0 , and may be thought of as an extension of the literal pattern shown above. The next two patterns combine a literal and a variable, and the variable binds a value from the subject point. If you are using classes to structure your data, you can use as a pattern the class name followed by an argument list resembling a constructor.

This pattern has the ability to capture class attributes into variables:. You can use positional parameters with some builtin classes that provide an ordering for their attributes e.

Patterns can be arbitrarily nested. For example, if our data is a short list of points, it could be matched like this:. For example:. If the guard is false, match goes on to try the next case block. Note that value capture happens before the guard is evaluated:. Like unpacking assignments, tuple and list patterns have exactly the same meaning and actually match arbitrary sequences.

Technically, the subject must be a sequence. Mapping patterns: {"bandwidth": b, "latency": l} captures the "bandwidth" and "latency" values from a dict. Unlike sequence patterns, extra keys are ignored. Subpatterns may be captured using the as keyword:.

This binds x1, y1, x2, y2 like you would expect without the as clause, and p2 to the entire second item of the subject. Most literals are compared by equality. However, the singletons True , False and None are compared by identity.

Named constants may be used in patterns. These named constants must be dotted names to prevent the constant from being interpreted as a capture variable:.

For the full specification see PEP Motivation and rationale are in PEP , and a longer tutorial is in PEP The default encoding of TextIOWrapper and open is platform and locale dependent. Since UTF-8 is used on most Unix platforms, omitting encoding option when opening UTF-8 files e.

JSON, YAML, TOML, Markdown is a very common bug. To find this type of bug, an optional EncodingWarning is added. It is emitted when sys.

See Text Encoding for more information. This section covers major changes affecting PEP type hints and the typing module.

A new type union operator was introduced which enables the syntax X Y. Union , especially in type hints. In previous versions of Python, to apply a type hint for functions accepting arguments of multiple types, typing.

Union was used:. This new syntax is also accepted as the second argument to isinstance and issubclass :. See Union Type and PEP for more details. Contributed by Maggie Moss and Philippe Prados in bpo , with additions by Yurii Karabas and Serhiy Storchaka in bpo The first is the parameter specification variable.

They are used to forward the parameter types of one callable to another callable — a pattern commonly found in higher order functions and decorators. Examples of usage can be found in typing.

Previously, there was no easy way to type annotate dependency of parameter types in such a precise manner.

The second option is the new Concatenate operator. See typing. Callable , typing. ParamSpec , typing. Concatenate , typing. ParamSpecArgs , typing. ParamSpecKwargs , and PEP for more details.

Contributed by Ken Jin in bpo , with minor enhancements by Jelle Zijlstra in bpo PEP written by Mark Mendoza. PEP introduced the concept of type aliases, only requiring them to be top-level unannotated assignments.

This simplicity sometimes made it difficult for type checkers to distinguish between type aliases and ordinary assignments, especially when forward references or invalid types were involved. Now the typing module has a special value TypeAlias which lets you declare type aliases more explicitly:.

See PEP for more details. Contributed by Mikhail Golubev in bpo TypeGuard has been added to the typing module to annotate type guard functions and improve information provided to static type checkers during type narrowing.

Contributed by Ken Jin and Guido van Rossum in bpo PEP written by Eric Traut. The int type has a new method int. Contributed by Niklas Fiekas in bpo The views returned by dict.

keys , dict. values and dict. items now all have a mapping attribute that gives a types. MappingProxyType object wrapping the original dictionary.

Contributed by Dennis Sweeney in bpo PEP : The zip function now has an optional strict flag, used to require that all the iterables have an equal length.

Builtin and extension functions that take integer arguments no longer accept Decimal s, Fraction s and other objects that can be converted to integers only with a loss e. Contributed by Serhiy Storchaka in bpo If object. Contributed by Alex Shkop in bpo Assignment expressions can now be used unparenthesized within set literals and set comprehensions, as well as in sequence indexes but not slices.

Contributed by Mark Shannon in bpo Two new builtin functions — aiter and anext have been added to provide asynchronous counterparts to iter and next , respectively. Contributed by Joshua Bronson, Daniel Pope, and Justin Wang in bpo Moreover, static methods are now callable as regular functions.

Contributed by Victor Stinner in bpo Contributed by Batuhan Taskaya in bpo Class and module objects now lazy-create empty annotations dicts on demand. Contributed by Larry Hastings in bpo Hashes of NaN values of both float type and decimal.

Decimal type now depend on object identity. Formerly, they always hashed to 0 even though NaN values are not equal to one another. This caused potentially quadratic runtime behavior due to excessive hash collisions when creating dictionaries and sets containing multiple NaNs.

Contributed by Raymond Hettinger in bpo Contributed by Donghee Na in bpo They will be None if not determined. Contributed by Alex Grönholm in bpo Some tests might require adaptation if they rely on exact output match.

The index method of array. array now has optional start and stop parameters. Contributed by Anders Lorentsen and Zackery Spytz in bpo These modules have been marked as deprecated in their module documentation since Python 3.

An import-time DeprecationWarning has now been added to all three of these modules. Add base b32hexencode and base b32hexdecode to support the Base32 Encoding with Extended Hex Alphabet. Add clearBreakpoints to reset all set breakpoints.

Contributed by Irit Katriel in bpo Added the possibility of providing a key function to the APIs in the bisect module. Add a codecs. unregister function to unregister a codec search function. Contributed by Hai Shi in bpo Callable are now consistent with typing.

Callable generic now flattens type parameters, similar to what typing. Callable currently does. This means that collections.

To allow this change, types. GenericAlias can now be subclassed, and a subclass will be returned when subscripting the collections. Callable type. Note that a TypeError may be raised for invalid forms of parameterizing collections.

Callable which may have passed silently in Python 3. Contributed by Ken Jin in bpo Add a contextlib. aclosing context manager to safely close async generators and objects representing asynchronously released resources. Contributed by Joongi Kim and John Belmonte in bpo Add asynchronous context manager support to contextlib.

Contributed by Tom Gringauz in bpo Add AsyncContextDecorator , for supporting usage of async context managers as decorators. The extended color functions added in ncurses 6. A new function, curses.

Contributed by Jeffrey Kintscher and Hans Petter Jansson in bpo Contributed by Zackery Spytz in bpo Added slots parameter in dataclasses. dataclass decorator. Contributed by Yurii Karabas in bpo There are a number of ways of specifying keyword-only fields.

Here only birthday is keyword-only. See the full dataclasses documentation for details. This will probably be the most common usage:. Here, z and t are keyword-only parameters, while x and y are not. Contributed by Eric V. Smith in bpo The entire distutils package is deprecated, to be removed in Python 3.

Its functionality for specifying package builds has already been completely replaced by third-party packages setuptools and packaging , and most other commonly used APIs are available elsewhere in the standard library such as platform , shutil , subprocess or sysconfig.

There are no plans to migrate any other functionality from distutils , and applications that are using other functions should plan to make private copies of the code. Refer to PEP for discussion.

Contributed by Brett Cannon in bpo Contributed by Ethan Furman in bpo Add enum. StrEnum for enums where all members are strings.

Add encoding and errors parameters in fileinput. input and fileinput. Contributed by Inada Naoki in bpo The faulthandler module now detects if a fatal error occurs during a garbage collector collection. Add audit hooks for gc. The hashlib module requires OpenSSL 1.

Contributed by Christian Heimes in PEP and bpo The hashlib module has preliminary support for OpenSSL 3. Contributed by Christian Heimes in bpo and other issues.

In the future PBKDF2-HMAC will only be available when Python has been built with OpenSSL support. Contributed by Christian Heimes in bpo Make IDLE invoke sys. User hooks were previously ignored.

Contributed by Ken Hilton in bpo Rearrange the settings dialog. Move help sources, which extend the Help menu, to the Extensions tab. Make space for new options and shorten the dialog.

The latter makes the dialog better fit small screens. Contributed by Terry Jan Reedy in bpo Move the indent space setting from the Font tab to the new Windows tab. Contributed by Mark Roseman and Terry Jan Reedy in bpo Add a Shell sidebar. Left click and optional drag selects one or more lines of text, as with the editor line number sidebar.

This zips together prompts from the sidebar with lines from the selected text. This option also appears on the context menu for the text. Even when the EVE forums are down, EVE Search allows players to read the most recent EVE Online forum threads.

Alternatively you can visit some of our Fansites from around the world including Starfleetcomms in the UK , EVE Germany , EVE Russia , EVE Hungary and EVE Denmark. Thank you for your patience and please come back later when the EVE website will be fully functional.

Facebook and Twitter will have the most up to date information regarding the status of our website. We'll counter-attack as soon as we properly outnumber them Go back to the previous page EVE Gate is temporarily unavailable, in the meantime we can recommend the following sites to keep you entertained: Official EVE Online Facebook page Keep yourself up to date with the most recent news, Dev Blogs and events from EVE Online.

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